Welcome to PeatPoets

The purpose of this site is to be both a shop window for our poetry and also a kind of virtual literary salon where we can spout forth our opinions on various matters. The process is two-way and we would appreciate constructive use of the guestbook to let us know what you think of the site and our writing. We are starting on a wee adventure here. With your input, we hope that this site will evolve into something wilder and more beautiful than we can currently conceive of. Enjoy.

Who are PeatPoets?

Colin Begg and Craig Stobo met at Glasgow University in the early 1990s. The exact circumstance of their first encounter is shrouded in the mists of time and alcohol but both parties agree it was probably at the SRC Services Committee meeting on purchasing arrangements for the new student village shop. They soon discovered a shared enthusiasm for writing, absurdity and political argument, and thus a firm bond was established.

PeatPoets was born during a long, rambling intercontinental phonecall between Glasgow and Sydney, and is testament to a shared appreciation of quality whisky and an unfortunate tendency to wordplay. Both writers are very much rooted in their Scots identity, to which the name also alludes.

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